Pourquoi l’Elysée se met-il au Fact-Checking ? Chronique pour Social Media Today

  • Rédigé par Laurent François et Philippe Moreau Chevrolet
  • le 09/04/2015
  • dans Social Media Today

« The French Presidency’s « Fact-Checking » Experience »

Que penser de la querelle du logo ? Pourquoi l’Elysée se met-il au Fact-Checking ? Est-on déjà entré dans la campagne de 2017 ?

This article has been co-written by Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet CEO of MCBG Conseil and Laurent François, co-founder of RE-UP agency. Both of them are French.

It has been a very interesting couple of days in Paris, France. L’Elysée, “the official residence of the President of the French Republic since 1848,” a term that ​also refers to the French Presidency, has decided to launch a brand new Twitter account:​ ​​@Elysee_Com

​The purpose of this new account, paralleling the official @Elysee Twitter account, is to​ ​“generate conversations with citizens or journalists, to correct fake or incomplete information spotted online. It’s not about creating content but to redirect web users to the right sources,” according to ​the Head of ​t​he French Presidency’s C​ommunication Department​, Gaspard Gantzer.​

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